Sun Five

Today the Ganapati Kulam gave their report. They are now holding daily planning meetings for Innersearch 2010. Work on the full page Festival Features also continues. Arumugaswami will be going on a trip with Bodhinatha to Mauritius and India for on month, so he is working ahead on the next issue of Hinduism Today.

Bodhinatha's Maha Sivaratri Talk

Ironwood Tree on our road

Here is the back road to the monastery. The tall ironwood trees planted as a wind break years ago break from time to time.

We had an unusual wind in an odd direction last night and one of the trees snapped off and fell over the road.

No problem for our Siddhidata Kulam and the 390, 36 inch Husquvarna chainsaw.

Three Seats Open for Kauai Innersearch 2010


We always hold open a few seats for Innersearch. So if you are thinking of coming, send your applications asap!

Go to “” for the application and dates.

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