Bodhinatha's First Days in Singapore and Malaysia

Bodhinatha writes:

Saturday May 29th

Jai Ganapati.

Saturday morning a small group of Singapore members/devotees saw us off at the airport for a 10:15 flight to Kuala Lumpur where we were greeted by a good size group of Malaysian members and devotees who had a large welcoming sign on display. In the evening we had our Keynote Presentation at the Scott Road Murugan Temple. It was from 7 PM all the way to midnight. Over 500 attended which was more than anticipated. In addition to the keynote, there was the 10-minute video on Iraivan and a 5 minute video that the Malaysians did to release the book Gurudeva’s Spiritual Visions. The last two hours were giving vibhuti and signing books. Got back to the hotel after 1 AM!


Sunday, May 30th

10 AM to 1 PM was at the Malaysian Hindu Sangam headquarters in Brickfields. We helped them give out some certificates to participants who had completed a training program and then gave a short talk to the group. Next we viewed Dr. Bala’s powerpoint presentation on Hinduism which when finalized will become the basis for their development of a curriculum for study for children and youth programs which will be in three languages: English, Tamil and Malay. We had some discussion on collaboration for helping them with material for their cirriculum: our history lessons and material on the Yamas and Niyamas.

In the evening was a member/devotee satsang at a home that one of the devotees has made available for teaching Gurudeva’s teachings. It is called “Iraivan Illam.” They had a tent out into the street to accommodate a larger group and 200-300 attended I would guess. Pada Puja, brahmacharya vrata ceremony for eleven youth, ceremony honoring our two rishipati families, Kuppusamy and Murugesu. Next was a short talk be me with translation by Dr. Maruthu. He made the translation in advance so it would be well done. Finally vibhuti prasadam for 45 minutes or so. No book signings so it went faster!

Bodhinatha Visits Singapore

Bodhinatha and Shanmuganathaswami met for a delicious North Indian style dinner with these Singapore members, students and devotees at the Tandoor Restaurant in the Holiday Inn Parkview. This was one of Gurudeva's restaurants, and he stayed at this Holiday Inn frequently when visiting Singapore. You could call this meeting a Pre-Innersearch Kauai event as four attendees will also be traveling to Kauai for the Innersearch Kauai.

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