Monastery Twitter Updates for 2010-09-10

  • This morning was our monthly pada puja to Gurudeva on the nakshatra of his mahasamadhi, chitra. #

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Tour Day

We had our tour day yesterday and after viewing the monastery grounds, Iraivan Temple site and sitting in the radiance of Kadavul Siva Temple, guests are often blessed to enter the mini mela and find our Satguru waiting to greet them and happy to sign their book purchases.

Yesterday’s radiant sunny day brought a big group of souls up the “spine of the dragon” (as Kuamo’o Road is sometimes referred to as it rises on a ridge between two valleys) to experience the rare, the exotic, the ineffable!

While evening rains are now routine again the days are sun drenched.

The Rajagopuram reigns supreme!

“There is no such thing as a tourist” a swami told me once upon a time. All are perfect souls on pilgrimage!

Our dear and most immediate neighbor, Joe Stoddard, who has patiently endured years of traffic and parking in his front yard came later in the morning for a private tour with his youngest grandson and his son in law. He is 89 years old and takes long walks every day with youthful exuberance.

It is rare experience indeed to actually meet a Satguru after hearing so much about them on the tour.

Archway Work Continues

The silpis spent another morning working on the entrance archway.

Scaffolding is being constructed to hold the blocks of stone that form the arch.

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