Mauritius Pancha Ganapati Part Two

A few more photos of the Pancha Ganapati celebration at the Spiritual Park of Mauritius.

SHR catalyst Vandana Nathoo from Floreal stressing on the need for parents to give their children a well structured religious education.

A few quotes on Lord Ganapati by the students of Catalysts Kevina and Jessen Sooparamanien of Petite Retraite

Parents are listening attentively…

A song on Lord Ganapati…

SHR catalyst Ananda Mootoocurpen one of the coordinators of this event was very busy on that day.

One young lady from the south of the Maurimootoo class playing the role of Lord Muruga…

A scene of the Sivaloka with Lord Siva, Lord Ganesha and Lord Muruga….

Our Lord Siva for this day…

This young lady from the SHR class of the Nathoo from Floreal plays the role of Saint Selmana Selvi stressing that Lord Siva is in everyone of us.

Another busy coordinator and SHR Catalyst, Nuckiren Pyneeandee happy that everything is going well on that day.

A game for parents present…. passing the hat around and who ever happens to have the hat had to answer a question on "Parenting With Love"… funny game very educational too for parents about how they are to deal with their youth….

Another group dance from the south…..

The boys blindfolded. In this game they had to collect water to fill containers which girls are holding…

Another item from the Munian SHR class at Providence.

A souvenir photo… activities have come to an end…

Another souvenir photo with all our SHR catalysts present on that day.

The day ended with a lunch and gifts distributed to everyone. Aum.

One Response to “Mauritius Pancha Ganapati Part Two”

  1. Rouba Narrainen says:

    Om Gam Ganapatiye namaha i am very sad not to participate with all of us in these ceremonies.I am happy to see u all meet together to celebrate pancha Ganapathy.Living far from u it is not possible to participate may Lord Ganesha bless all of us

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