Great Progress at the River Shore in Mauritius

Giant platform at the river by our property in Mauritius is nearly complete, with a wooden railing installed.

Railing protects crowds from falling, but devotees will still be able to get water to take up to bath the Sivalingam.

Now it is time to fill all these areas with sand and gravel. But how to get a truck down here?

Ingenious solution! A giant tarpaulin is laid down on the stairs.

Trucks unload on the stairs….

Then this beautiful white crushed coral flows down to the base.

drainage grates along the edges of separating supports for the material to come.

From here we are facing nearly due east. It is amazing to watch the sun rise over the azure blue ocean. You have to go there to actually see the incredible arrays of blue shades on display.

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  1. GRS says:

    The solution to get the sand down is simple, and hence it is great and fascinating. Wow. Very impressed.

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