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Today the Ganapati Kulam gave their news of the week. Their primary focus is on the editorial work for the April/May/June 2011 issue of Hinduism Today. Paramacharya Palaniswami also shared with everyone some news on the progress of the parampara biography, to be released later this year, and he is working hard on finding photos for Bodhinatha’s next major keynote presentations to be given at temples across the US in 2011.

Kumarswami has been focused on the next Insight Section of the magazine, an elaborate 16-page piece on the environment, as well as working with Deva Rajan on our new Siva Darshanam pavilions for displaying paintings depicting Gurudeva’s visions at San Marga.

Arumugaswami is working on a feature story about another amazing but not-well -known Hindu order of swamis, the Bharat Sevashram Sangh, in Northeast India. He is also proactively working on the propagation of more plants for our newly establish specimen tree plantation at Himalayan Acres, our agricultural parcel directly across the Wailua River from the monastery.

Sivakatirswami is writing his pages for the magazine and tending to various jobs on our website, including putting Bodhinatha’s talks online, along with this daily TAKA.

Senthilnathaswami is turning recordings of Bodhinatha’s keynote presentations into short videos to be released in collaboration with the Hindu Students Association, and preparing for two weeks in Texas with Bodhinatha departing January 27. There they will conduct a weekend retreat at a ranch near Dallas with just the 8-10 national leaders of the Hindu Students Association followed the next weekend by a camp at an upscale facility near Waco with 100-150 student members of HSA branches throughout the South. He is also coordinating a new initiative for having our publications turned into eBooks, work that has been outsourced to a company of Hindus in Chennai, Atritex. Thanks to the Digital Dharma Drive, we can fund this work and still give away these eBooks for free. Stay tuned for our first releases in the days ahead.

Sadhaka Satyanatha is 100% focused on his articles for the upcoming edition of Hinduism Today magazine, including an article about Indian dance in the West and a groundbreaking piece on homosexuality and Hinduism in Guyana.

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