Kauai Mission Participates in Martin Luther King Day

The monastery is part of the Interfaith Roundtable of Kauai which every year puts on a special event in Kukui Grove shopping center on Martin Luther King day.

For the past two years our members have been serving as the Hindu contingent on the program. Kulapati Vel Alahan took the lead this year in helping with organization and he was the presenter on stage, speaking on the Hindu message of Ahimsa and Martin Luther King’s connection with Gandhi.

This year we had our own table, run by Valli Alahan and Uma Sivanathan. The ladies prepared a paste board which took Gurudeva’s theme “To Stop the War, Stop the War in the Home” and turn it around to say “Peace at Home, Peace in the World.”

They had a box with all kinds of loving images and visitors could pick one they like and paste it on the board. It was a huge hit.

This is Kauai’s beloved African drum band called “The Love Tribe” they are very good.

The day was filled with a number of performances. One was Larry Rivera who sang the Aloha Song that was inspired by Gurudeva who took a well known poem based on the word “Aloha” and asked Larry to turn it into a song years ago.

Our table included Gurudeva’s paper “To Stop the War, Stop the War in the Home.” which he presented to at the Millenium Summit of Religious Leaders, held at the United Nations years ago, along with our Positive Parenting brochure.

Kulapati Vel Alahan with Ron Wiley, the “King of Kong” the main voice of Kauai’s favorite radio station “Kong Radio.”

We will have more photos next phase.

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