Tour Day

Stepping onto sacred ground at Kauai’s Hindu Monastery during the public tour day each phase is becoming a “must see” for many island visitors.

Vel Alahan is helping out today with the tour and shows the guests the white, red and black granite portions of the temple.

A real treasure for the eyes, as the monks have unpacked the black granite bell. This will be hung from one of Iraivan’s structural ceiling beams just to the right after entering through the Rajagopuram. Devotees can reach up and hit it (on the inside) with a wooden mallet. It will have an amazingly sharp bell sound!

Guests can continue their introduction to Hinduism through many books available in our “Mini Mela”. Bodhinatha graciously takes a special seat after the tour if he is not traveling and signs personally their selections.

This is the blessing that “keeps on giving”.

Arun and Padma from Bellevue, Washington. They were celebrating their second wedding anniversary. Arun works for Microsoft and spent his boyhood near Jambukeswarar Temple at Tiruvanaikka near Tiruchirappalli.

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