Thai Pusam Abhishekam

Vel Murugaa!

Here at the Aadheenam, we honored our beloved Lord Muruga during Thai Pusam with a powerful and piercing abhishekam in Kadavul Hindu Temple. With Satguru Bodhinatha, the mathavasi, and all sincere, mindful devotees present, it made for a special moment shared by all.

Pal abhishegam -- the offering of freshly gifted milk from our aadheenam cows.

“Thai Pusam occurs on Pushya nakshatra in January-February. During this festival we fast and perform public penance, called kavadi, seeking Karttikeya’s blessings to dispel our selfishness, pride and vanity.”

-- Gurudeva in Dancing with Siva

Offerings of chandanam (sandalwood) dissolved in purified waters. Other such sacraments include fresh curd, a select sacred herbal blend, rose water, fresh citrus juice, panchaamritham, and more. At the Aadheenam, we typically use the panchaamritham recipe of Chidambaram Kovil -- fresh banana, ghee, milk, honey, and jaggery.

Alankaram arati is offered. It is at this point where all temple bells are rung, mantrams chanted their loudest, and the focused intensity of the pujari is its greatest. It is at this point in the puja where it is easiest to experience the darshanam of the Deity, the point in the puja where the Deity decongests muddled karmas of the devotee, thus removing unmindfulness, fear, and poverty and replacing them with wisdom, courage, and wealth -- both spiritual and material. Veils are lifted, limitations released, and minds cleared at that exact point. Om Saravanabava Om.

3 Responses to “Thai Pusam Abhishekam”

  1. Chandrika Shanti says:

    How loving and blissful Lord Muruga looks!

  2. Sankuthi (Chandra Hoezoo) says:

    Siva Siva!
    Thank you for sharing Thai Pusam pictures of Lord Muruga. The Lord looks merciful and content!

  3. A,KAVITHA says:


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