An Entry Way View

Ralph and Stevanne together.

Stevanne shows us what a visitor sees on arrival at the front. First approaching the Puakenikeni Mandapam

Visitor’s write down their problem and subconscious garbage and burn it. Other take free tour guides.

Next we see the Nepali Ganesha…

The stone arch and lotus gateway…

Entering into a mini-paradise on earth.

Our Minimela information center.

coming up to the Kadavul temple passing under the banyan tree.

Shama Kumaran to greet us. She and the other Wailua sishya ever ready to serve.

Inside Kadavul from outside the door.

Lovely artifacts all around.

Kadavul temple…

Then the entry to the world of San Marga.

Iraivan in the distance.

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  1. David Lippmann says:

    Absolutely Amazing!!! Thank you so much for these fantastic photos.

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