Rishi Thondunatha visits Malaysia (Iraivan Illam)

Malaysian devotees were extremely honored to have Rishi Thondunathan and his mother at Iraivan Illam last Sunday.

Rishi Thondunathan is serving the Sri Lankan Tamil community by teaching religious and cultural concepts at summer camps and retreats for children, and comforting the elderly and needy in their homes, as well as hospitals and care facilities. Thondunathan also continues to travel to Sri Lanka periodically to supervise innovations to the Kottam's services as well as visiting and providing services to various orphanages and schools in Sri Lanka.

Rishi Thondunatha and his mother were honored by our most known and respected devotee,"Aunt Sanskrit".

Rishi Thondunatha shared many inspiring stories of our Guru Parampara…

Ardent listeners were inspired by his stories of Kadaitswami..Chellappaswami..Yogaswami..and Gurudeva..

We were blessed to be given vibhuti prasadam by his mother.

One of the Sunday Class students were lucky enough to celebrate his birthday in presence on Rishi Thondunatha..

Jai to our Guru Parampara!!!

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  1. Sankuthi (Chandra Hoezoo) says:

    Siva Siva!

    Sincere thanks to Rishi Thondunathan and his mother for such invaluable service to Hindus and Hinduism in Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Such committed souls are rare in today’s world. Thank you once again!

  2. Raj Thiagarajah says:

    Having known these two good souls I can say the most important quality in them is that they praise each child’s virtues and fill that child with enthusiasm and happiness, and use that virtue for service that would eventually benefit that child also. They also recognize that elderly people are able to do lot of service because they are experienced.
    May the Supreme Lord bless both Rishi Thondunathan and his Mother with good health and long life for continued service to their people.

  3. V.Sasikaran says:

    I look at this photos is very beauty.

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