Visswanathan Family Joins Our Fellowship!

It is an auspicious week for the Rajavendran family. On Sivaratri night they took their Vrata Sishya vows and today Mayuresh had his Karnavedha Samskara.

The family will be taking the last name of “Visswanathan” which is Ravi’s father’s name, now that they are part of our Saiva family.

Earlier this morning we had our Sun one homa. Mayuresh received his first ear-rings.

Saravananathaswami does the insertion. Mayuresh is brave and does not flinch.

Now the left ear.

Bodhinatha signs the samskara certificate.

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  1. Nalini G says:

    Jai Ganapati!
    Congratulations to the family! Beautiful pictures!

  2. Esan says:

    Congratulations ! Welcome !

  3. toshadevi nataraj says:

    Mille Felicitations!Congratulations from St Lucia. We are very happy for you Viswanathan Family. You all look so beautiful and so happy and RIGHTFULLY SO.Such an Honour for a very deserving ,hard working,dedicated and loving family.May we all be inspired to come up higher as you have.Aum Shanti.

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