Siva Darshanam Day

Today we celebrated Gurudeva’s vision of Siva on San Marga by conductig our early morning arati on San Marga. Here is the Swayambhu Lingam.

By the end of the meditation the sun had risen over the east. The stone you see here on the right was the one that Lord Siva sat on in Gurudeva’s vision.

Rohini is here from Montreal, Canada, with her husband Jean-Marie (center) and they are enjoying making friends and speaking French with our Kauai French chef and new Master Course student….(on the right). And guess what: His name is also Jean-Marie.

Yogi Jothinatha also speaks French.

Bonjour, Jean-Marie meet Jean-Marie!

From the French Lexicon:

Siva: Sanskrit: Celui qui est de bon augure. Siva existe partout et en toute chose. Tout ce qui existe n’est autre que lui-même, l’Unique et sans second, Etre suprême et Réalité absolue. Il est à la fois immanent (dans la forme) et transcendant (au-delà de la forme). Voir: Mahesvara, Parasivam, Satchidananda, Siva-Sakti.

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