Montreal Visitors

[A belated post from our Sivaratri days]

Yogi Jothinatha welcomes visitors from Montreal. Long-time sishya, Rogini Shummoogum (right) brought her husband, Jean-Marie Dionne (next to her), and two other couples to visit our island and monastery. Left to right are Ginette Villeneuve, Andre Legris, Jean Dulude and France Champagne. All are deeply involved in yoga and meditation back home, as students and teachers. Jean-Marie also teaches meditation to school children and once a month takes them to visit local Hindu temples where he explains the ins and outs of Hindu worship. He and Rogini say the children are most receptive and generally all fall in love with Ganesha. The guests attended our 9 am major puja of the day and, Jean said, “We came here to see Heaven, and this morning we found Heaven within Heaven.” They felt transformed by their visit and promised to come again.

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  1. Amma Debora says:

    Fortunate travelers, I´m sure your contact with sweet Yogi Jothinatha was a special treat!

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