Malaysia Satsang

Malaysia Mission held their monthly Satsang in Citra’s Hall, Brickfield Kuala Lumpur on 12th March 2011

The Thiruvadi puja was started by chanting of pranava mantra AUM followed by guru ashtottara. The puja was conducted by Kulapati Sivajnani Nagappan. We all felt satguru’s blessings and his strong shakti present during the ceremony.

The mission was inspired to have the attendance of forty-three Saiva Siddhanta Church members, and a few participants from the public.

All the members felt very happy to see such a big turn out.

Having vibhuthi prasadam. This elder from the community attended the satsang session. He shared his view on “Will Power” Gave a long an explanation and finally said he was very impressed to see our satsang prayers.

According to him, our satsang was very systematic, and the only one that he has attended where everyone is given a chance to share their views for the discussion.

Followed by Natchintanai bhajans

And finally a meditation session.

One of the members son is reading a lesson from Merging with Siva The topic was “WILL POWER”

All the members shared their views based on the title.

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