Chitra Puja Day

Chitra puja was performed for Gurudeva today.

The kumbhas here arrayed, filled with precious substances for the abhishekam.

Sadhaka Nandinatha and Sadhaka Satya are the pujaris today.

Outside we have a picture of the Extreme SuperMoon. Well, almost, the actual perigee occured on the 19th.

During every orbit the point when the moon is closest to the earth is called “perigee,” which is an average distance of 364,397 kilometers.

On a longer cycle, our lunar sibling reaches the closest it every gets to earth, the super perigree. It occured on full Moon, the 19th — the moon was just 356,577 kilometers away from earth and visibly very much bigger than usual. The last time it was so close was in March, 1993.

Since perigee occured just a few degrees away from the full moon point, it gave us all a spectacular night of the supermoon.

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  1. Sarasvathi Iswarapatham says:

    Om Sivaya,Thank you Kathirswami.Very kind of you. Mikka Nandri Swami.Om

  2. Jutika says:


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