Gurudeva Podcast Update

We have tested on iPhone and iPad and the RSS feed works just fine:

Go to this page on your iPhone or iPad in Safari.

Then you scroll down, click the “RSS Feed” link under Gurudeva’s section. Your iPhone will switch to in Safari. Book mark this page and add it to your home screen. Now you can return to this URL and listen to any of the talks posted here since January 1st. You will see the name of the talk e.g. “gr_taka-1425.mp3” and right above. It is a small link to click, it takes a few seconds for the arrow to appear after you select a talk and it will play the audio for you. A new talk is added at the top every day.


5 Responses to “Gurudeva Podcast Update”

  1. Nandikesh says:

    Cannot find Gurudeva’s Section and, hence, any reference to RSS. But I’m new in these parts. Is it on the page I am on right now?

  2. Nandikesh says:

    Oh, the link under the picture. (blush)

  3. Nandikesh says:

    Wow. Fantastic. Loud and clear. Thank you!

  4. Nalini G says:

    wow! Nicely done. It’s on my iphone now too.

    Thank you

  5. Padmaja says:

    Thank you very much, Sivakatirswami.

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