Exciting Activities in Malaysia Children's Religious Class

We held many activities for the children who attended the Sunday Religious Class. Last class focused on the importance of having a guru in ones life. The students were blind folded…

Satguru leads the blinds through the circle of life, eventually lifting them from ignorance to enlightenment.

The little ones enjoy watching the activities.

Students then learned to make sandwiches to help their parents.

"I will make sandwich for my mother or father when they are sick"….

Each takes their turn in groups.

"Mine is ready!" said little Jegathiswar. The sandwiches were then presented to Lord Ganesha before eating them!!!

"Please bless our food," prayed little Raanya in her half lotus position.

A short closure before adjourning, Jai Ganapathi!

4 Responses to “Exciting Activities in Malaysia Children's Religious Class”

  1. Jutikadevi Sivaraja says:

    Such cute little munchkins!

  2. adi sankara says:

    AUMSIVAYA. Lovely children ! Happy that these souls are on the Sivaneri. Elders should think of interaction between children by organising retreat camps or something else outside their countries. May be we can start between Mauritius and Malaysia…What do you think? AUM.

  3. Puvan Markandoo says:

    How does one get involved in these activities?

  4. eleni/anjali says:

    What lovely little ones! Learning to serve with joy and love.

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