Darshan and Pilgrim News

Sanjai and Padma Priya Athi are returning after six or seven years. They live in northern California


Tina Desai from Canada is a Vratasishya in Saiva Siddhanta Church. She stopped by for a day while attending a conference in Honolulu with her husband.

Tina delivered this painting which her daughter Karishma sent as a gift. Karishma is at university in Canada and attended our Kauai Innersearch last July with her mother.

Venkat and Vishu Sreenivasan with their frisky daughter Aadhya are visiting Kauai for the first time from Chicago. They are good friends of our Himalayan Academy formal Master Course students Gaurav and Ripla Malhotra.

They discussed raising their children as good Hindus.

Athi and Sreenivasan couples visited Iraivan Temple together

then Dakshinamurthy afterwards

2 Responses to “Darshan and Pilgrim News”

  1. Amma Debora says:

    Lovely painting, Karishma, congratulations. It inspires me to make a patchwork about it…

  2. esan says:

    A river of pilgrims, the river of life !

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