Pilgrims From India and Malaysia

Scientist from Bangalore, Dr. T.S. Mohan, visiting Hawaii for a conference. he has been reading Hinduism Today for 24 years!

He is standing on left. To his right is Kumeraintharen Murugiah from Penang, Malaysia. He is a student of environmental science doing an exchange program that brought him to University of Hawaii Manoa for a couple weeks, then on to mainland USA for few weeks to do field studies

Kumeraintharen has followed us on TAKA for quite some time and dreamed of performing abhishekam to our Narmada Lingam. He briefly met Satguru Bodhinatha in Kuala Lumpur around ten years ago at a Tirumurai competition. He is interested to become a formal sishya.

3 Responses to “Pilgrims From India and Malaysia”

  1. esan says:

    Congratulations Kumeraintharen for your perseverance !

  2. .Kumerain says:

    It was indeed shiva’s blessing. Aum namah shivaya

  3. Sarasvathi Iswarapatham says:

    Aum Shivaya
    Now I see you Kumareinthira. Bless you & may Lord Siva help you in all your endeavours. Thank you for your loving,soft words son.

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