New Phase Begins

At home today we began another phase with Siddhanathaswami performing homa and Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami presiding in Bodhinatha’s absence.

At lunch the Ekadanta Kulam gave its report. Saravananathaswami sends us his usual interesting list which also give a sneak peak of things to come

* processing incoming Master Course Self-Evaluation Study worksheets and discussing progress with students
* new paper mail processing
* integrating Satguru Purnima rededication forms into our SSC website, creating news article on the site about the forms.
* preparing and sending bi-weekly e-newsletter from SSC website
* coordinating weekend retreat and mission satsang details for June California visit.
* started FAQ section on private SSC website to describe the various sishya groups
* recording incoming Satguru Purnima rededications, which includes checking if they request to prepare for diksha, and then communicating about it.
* hosting young man from Malaysia doing exchange student studies in Honolulu. He is interested to become formal sishya.
* creating Google Doc itinerary for June California trip.
* editing/proofreading workbook for June California weekend retreat. Researched printing options.
* coordinating with priest Kumar Gurukkal to come perform Gurudeva mahasamadhi puja in October
* fixing theme colors on SSC website after software upgrade
* adding to agenda for next Mauritius COM meeting
* adding news and tweaks to new Saiva Siddhanta Church website .
* communications with people about pilgrimage and entering that info in visitor calendar.
* scanning old paper documents

Sitting by the fire are Bodhinatha’s padukas.

Sadasivanathaswami gave a short talk and he also shared news about the Siva Darshana artwork. Several pieces have finally arrived from Kerala after years coordination with the artist there.

3 Responses to “New Phase Begins”

  1. taita gamboa says:

    Aum sivaya!
    Prostrations to siva, our lord ganesh, bodhinata and all the brothers at the monastery!
    Congradulations on the next phase of performing siddjanataswai, in the absence of satguru bodhinata

    Aum shanties

  2. taita gamboa says:

    Oooops I meant with paramacharya sadasivanathaswami presiding in bodhinatas absense :(( sorry

  3. toshadevi nataraj says:

    Jai Ganesa. Jai Satguru.
    Thank you Swamis what alot of work you do. It is truly amazing . You are so helpful to us all. We are very grateful. Aum Shanti.

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