Five Murthi Set Available in the Mini Mela Gift Shop

Custom made in India for the Mini Mela Gift Shop, this set of five murthis was designed by Gurudeva as the official home shrine for Himalayan Academy students. The Deities are made with five traditional metals and are sized according to the Agamas for a home shrine. The set includes:

Lord Siva Nataraja
Shiva Lingam
Lord Ganesha
Lord Muruga

The set does not include the wooden shrine or the other puja items. If you are interested in a wooden shrine like this please email

The set of five Deities is available at the Kauai Mini Mela Gift Shop or online at (Click on Deities.) Free shipping via USPS!

One Response to “Five Murthi Set Available in the Mini Mela Gift Shop”

  1. anil says:

    My wife and I are asking this because we don’t know. What is the importance of keeping Murtis as opposed to Pictures of Gods? If we buy this set, would we have to do abhishekham to them everyday? Do you have a travel kit that we can take on our business trips?

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