The Story of Life-Sized Gurudeva Continues

On July 25, our two Paramacharyas flew from Kauai to Hilo on the Big Island, some 320 miles. That’s Hilo with the red and white dot, on the Eastern shore of Hawaii. It’s about 350 miles one way.

We were at the studio of Holly Young, sculptor extraordinaire, there to make a final check on the wax model before Holly makes her molds.

We noted the eyebrows were not as lush as Gurudeva’s, so Holly grabs her scalpel and makes the adjustment before our eyes. What gifted hands!

That’s better!

Holly has almost locked herself in her studio for weeks, working on the final details: the pendant and malas, the rings and robe texture.

Here you see the amazing detail of Gurudeva’s Kartar Mala, the golden pendant that Bodhinatha now wears and which is the insignia of the Guru Mahasannidhanam.

Those expressive eyebrows deserve another small tweak.

Holly demonstrates some of her technique, taking us to her work bench.

Here she is rubbing the was with mineral spirits to get a finished surface texture.

Holly and husband Robert (who took on a lot of household duties while Holly pressed these last few weeks) pose with Gurudeva.

Afterwards, Hitesvara took the swamis to a nice lunch buffet and then to a special nursery, where Sivanathaswami found these remarkable and gigantic hibiscus which he loved!

Meanwhile, Sadasivanathaswami hunted for special and rare additions to Siva’s Garden, finding a cartfull that were shipped the next day to Kauai. Now for the flight home! Om Namasivaya!

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