Himalayan Acres Nursery Developing Well!

A short tour of our Himalayan Acres nursery and specimen tree plantings. Here we’re looking down the rows of about 1,000 pots mostly with agaves, sansveria and a few aloes and cactus, all plants with very low water requirements.

This sanseveria is a popular ground cover. It started out as just one shoot and has in a few months developed several more. Soon it will fill the pot.

This is one of the agaves we bought as “tissue culture.” It was a very small plant when it arrived, and has, for unknown reasons, remained so…

Another of the tissue culture agaves is growing fine.

as is this one

At this end we’ve planted “song of India” in 20 gallons plastic bags. This variegated dracaena is very popular.

Agave geminflora doing well.

Agaves in the double row to the left, ferns next, geminflora and barefly visible on the right is aloe candy corn.

aloe candy corn

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