Inside Iraivan Temple (Panorama)

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  1. Dora says:

    So realistic! Makes me want to step out of the center, walk around and smell the tropical air. Thank you for this treat.

  2. Sarasvathi Iswarapatham says:

    Thank you Lord Shiva & Gurudeva for enabling my husband S.Iswarapatham & me to sponsor a pink floor stone each.

    The temple looks splendid!Jaito Satguru Bodhinatha & the Kailasa Paramparai
    Aum Namasivaya!

  3. Madhavi Medi says:

    So amazing! It literally makes me feel I am the temple! Thank you for adding this very cool feature!

  4. esan says:

    Excellent ! This is what all photos should do, and here’s one that does.

  5. Rajen Manick says:

    Wow! Wonderful! Thanks for sharing this creative photograph on TAKA. Aum.

  6. Sankuthi says:

    Jai Ganesha!

    Thanks for sharing the ‘home’ of the Supreme Lord Sivan with us! Absolutely breathtaking!

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