Kauai's Annual Farm Fair

August 26th Acharya Arumuganathaswami and Brahmachari Mayuran attended Kauai’s annual Farm Fair. It’s the biggest event of the year on Kauai, attended by over 30,000 people--on an island with 60,000 population. Here’s a shot of one of our main interests, the fruit table! Always amazing to see what can be grown on Kauai.

This is the vegetable table. Many businesses and organizations have booths at the Fair, so it is a very good place to touch base with a large number of our island friends. We’re expected each year and have in the past given the blessing to open the fair, which rotates among the island’s religious organizations.

Brahmachari Mayuran with a special breadfruit tree we bought from the National Botanical Garden booth. In the background are the rides and games that attract the youngsters.

We stayed only a short time, long enough to touch base with various island residents who are there each year. As we left, hundreds of people were streaming down the road from the parking area to enter the Fair.

And this beautiful sunset saw us off.

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