Mauritius Pumpkin Lives On – Episode 1

Years after we received some pumpkins seeds from Mauritius, we continue to collect seeds from the giant fruits. The seeds are true cultivars, meaning that their DNA is passed on from one generation to the next, unlike modern hybrid sees. Each year we take seeds from the healthiest pumpkins and dry them and replant.

The Siddhidata kulam likes to start their seeds in small pots in the nursery. When the seedlings are strong the are ready to go into their own small pots. These are strong enough to go straight out to the garden.

A plot that was roto-tilled and covered in very deep mulch has plants placed at six or seven fee apart. They are growing really well.

Over the next few months the vines will cover the area completely, flower and fruit fruit. Stay tuned for Mauritius Pumpkin, Episode 2….

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  1. victor says:

    I would like to plant the Mauritius pumpkin can you tell me how to obtain some seed to plant in California?

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