Iraivan's Nandi Mandapam Kodungai Carving

A few days back we Selvanathan Stapathi and Shekar Stapathi visited our worksite. Here, we have Shekar Stapathi marking the thamam ( Lotus Petal) design on the kodungai stone.

A detail view of the lotus petal design. The kodungai stone is also called the sun shade stone. It sits on top of the beam stone at approximately 11ft high.

Here Selvanathan Stapathi makes corrections to Shekar Stapathi's marking.

Sittayah works on the new design just drawn. He is one the silpis who returned from the last batch of workers who left Kauai after 2 years of jointing works.

This is the ornamental design which comes on the front face of the kodungai. This is the first time that this design are being incorporated into stone work. The last rememberd versions of the same were practically carved only during the last Chola and Nayakas era of ruling.

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