Iraivan Temple: Drawing the Yesti Designs

This if the final part of the drawings and its the closeup of the makaram. Its an composed of various animals like parrot, crocodile elephant etc. We can see the elephant trunk, then a crocodile like mouth and it has wings and legs of a bird.

This is the elephant that is holding or pulling the makaram. This yesti is a double step yesti.

Selvanathan Stapathi fine tuning the temple part of it.

Shekar Stapathi and Assistant Stapathi Manikantan again, yes we have two Manikantans in our site. This is the one in the blue shirt. He was also part of the last batch of silpis. Here, they are working on the front elevation of the yesti.

More formations of the same.

And Stapathi marks the same yesti on a piece of tracing so that we can make a cement model from it before carving.

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