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  • Local members and pilgrims are decorating for our Gurudeva Mahasamadhi festival. #

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Pilgrims Meet Bodhinatha

Gurudeva’s Maha Samadhi observances begin tomorrow and we have perhaps the long list of devotees ever to come for an event at the Aadheenam. Bodhinatha started meeting with early arrivals right away, as it will take many hours for him to have darshan with everyone.

Here is Vayudeva Varadan from Maryland, who works closely with the Murugan temple there

Toshadevi, Gajanan and Lily Nataraj on pilgrimage from St. Lucia in the Caribbean

Gajanan is creating some t-shirts with yamas and niyamas printed on them

Gajanan has changed his name legally and will be receiving his Namakarana (name-giving ceremony) tomorrow, to officially and formally enter the Hindu faith.

Mahasamadhi Observances 2011


The official observance begins tomorrow. Most of the devotees have arrived already. Today everyone joined to help with the preparations. Our temple decoration team did a marvelous job. Tandu Sivanathan’s floral arrangements are beautiful!

Because our group is so large, this year we will be holding large satsangs in the courtyard, which has been beautifully prepared by the monks. Dasan Mahadevan and Tandu add flowers.

Yesterday a large contingent arrived from Malaysia and Singapore and the mainland.

Kadavul Temple's New Raja Mela Thalam

The Singaporean devotees brought with them the new Raja Mela Thalam which the Aadheenam purchased for Kadavul Temple. The Thalam was manufactured in Kanchipuram and shipped to Singapore. There the devotees dismantled it to fit in their luggage.

Here it is being re-assembled.

What is it? You are probably asking. This is an automatic drum, bell, cymbal machine! Truly fun! Quite cool, and not the least bit hilarious when you see it running! If you have experienced one of these in use in a Hindu temple before, you will know what we’re talking about.

Sannyasin Senthilnathaswami, Bhani Karthigesu and Dohadeva Samugam are reassembling it.

First: the bells must be put back on.

Bhani took photos of everything before taking it apart in Singapore. Yoginathaswami jumps in to help with the assembly.

Bells are on. Next the cymbals.

And finally the 24-inch brass drum.

We got a 110 volt to 220 volt converter and are ready to plug it in.

Yes, it works!

And it is really loud! Everyone plugs their ears, and you can hear it everywhere in the Aadheenam, and beyond. Enjoy the video below!

Himalayan Academy Email News


Yogi Jothinatha and the Pillaiyar Kulam just sent out the latest Himalayan Academy e-newsletter to 3000 subscribers. It reports on yet another spectacular accomplishment by Mauritius, as you can see from the above picture showing the introduction to the report. Click here to see this issue of the newsletter in its entirety .
This newsletter is sent out monthly to tell of the Academy’s new publications, teaching programs, Bodhinatha travels, etc. It is highly sucessful judging from its unusually high rate of response. Click here to subscribe and receive the newsletter by email.

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