Natchintanai-Bhajan Satsang at Kadavul


Our bi-monthly Natchintanai/Bhajan Satsang was nearly a full house with our Kauai members present and Sadhaka Tejadevanatha (behind the camera) Brahmachari Mayuran and task forcer, Woody.

Kulapati Vel Alahan brought his Pakwaj. It is huge! And though he’s just learning, having a drum adds a lot to the music.

Sivakatirswami took the group through the five areas we are working on: a little vocal practice, memorizing Natchintanai (we have been working on Thondar Nangale, to memorize and visualize without needing a song book), singing one gitam, a song to Lord Muruga from Tirupugal as rendered by Murugadas, our two Vedic slokas and then Swami asked each one to lead the whole group in a bhajan. We have a lot of fun together, singing to God, Gods and Guru!

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  1. Sankuthi says:

    Jai Ganesha!

    Fantastic progress and good work! Look forward to hear the group bhajan on the web!

  2. adi sankara says:

    Glad to see such an enthusiastic group. What is the pitch of the Pakhawaj instrument? In which pitch(sruti) you all are singing?
    Congrats to you all for the great work !

  3. Himalayan Academy says:

    We don’t know the pitch of the drum. We sing in whatever pitch that is set by whoever is leading. We don’t have a sruti box with us. I need to remember to bring my iPhone and use iTampura. Our main problem is: we don’t always know what is the starting note in relation to the sruti/Katai for any given song. Be we don’t worry about it too much. These sessions are not about music, it’s about bhakti and learning the songs well enough so that each one can sing on his or her own both in public and in private.


  4. Nalini says:

    WOnderful!! Yay!!
    Jai Ganapati!
    Love this!

  5. amma debora says:

    IsnĀ“t it wonderful to have a voice that comes from within bringging all our feelings and linking us to the sky?

  6. adi sankara says:

    Aum. Great! Thats really wonderful. All the best! Aum.

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