Monastery Twitter Updates for 2011-12-26

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Pilgrims from Around the World

This is Seshadri and Ranjani with their three children. They live in Chicago area and Ranjani is the cousin of Professor Vasudha Narayanan who we have worked with over the years in our publications. The family had good discussions with Bodhinatha about significance of the temple, and then discussed some of our publications with Arumuganathaswami, such as the history lessons.

Our longtime friends and past Innersearch participants, Ramani and Prema Iyer from Adelaide, Australia, brought one of their children and family to visit Hawaii for the first time. Veena and Debabrata Dahm with children Nikita, Alicia and Jai. They had a fun meeting with Bodhinatha including what is the source of happiness.

Visit to Iraivan temple

meeting a rudraksha tree

learning just how much work goes into carving stone

Siddhidata Kulam Keeps Everything Up To Code!

Our Siddhidata Kulam has 100′s of small maintenance task all carefully organized in their enterprise maintenance program that they all share and now distribute to the team on iPads.

The monks in the monastery can also log in and notify the team of anything that needs to be schedule.

The steps to our public bathroom were starting to become slippery and rotting. Having already built new steps the day before, Sadhaka Rajanatha heats up the grip tape so that all the air is released from underneath to ensure a solid footing.

Cutting the Caution Tape signifying the job is complete.

Thanks Sadhaka Rajanatha for your handy work!

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