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New Upadesha by Bodhinatha

Another short by powerful upadesha but Bodhinatha has been posted today. See the link on the side bar. Bodhinatha is making use of stories from the Guru Chronicles as a basis for some of his talks.

Pancha Ganapati in Penang

The practice of Pancha Ganapati is spreading world wide, far beyond the borders of Saiva Siddhanta Church missions.

Kaladevi Ambalawan sends us these photos from her family in Malaysia in Penang

Kaladevi writes: “Jai Jai Ganesha,

I am from Penang, Malaysia. The man in the last photo (in white t-shirt) is my father. His name is Ambalawan Suppiah. He is an Iraivan Temple Builder and subscribes to Hinduism Today. He has a lot of books from Satguru.”

“We have been celebrating Pancha Ganapati Festival for the past five years. Few days before the start of the festival, my mother makes sure the house is dusted, cleaned and moped. On the 20th of December, we prepare His shrine in the living area. On the first day (21st December), the picture of Lord Ganesha is brought to the shrine and decorated with flowers. A sweet offering (Kesari) is offered and we do our first pooja. After the morning pooja, I read the family sadhana for the day. In the evening we do another pooja. We read the Sri Ganesa Upanisad and the Maha Ganesa Pancharatna Stotram as in the “Loving Ganesa” book. We repeat this for the next 4 days (Until the 24th of December).”

On the 25th of December, we have our first pooja with the offering of Kesari, the second pooja we offer a bowl of mixed nuts and rock sugar, the third offering is mixed vegetable rice, and the fourth pooja we offer fruits. For the final pooja, we invite our relatives who bring offerings to Lord Ganesha (Vadai, Modagam, sweet rice, green peas cake, flowers, sugar cane and coconut water). After the pooja, we sing a few songs in praise of Lord Ganesha and chant the “Aum Sri Ganesa Namaha” 108 times. Then we observe a few mins of silent After that, my father will explain to us about the Yamas and the Niyamas. He will ask us to reflect on the past year and apologies to the Lord for any wrong doings and pray for His guidance and blessings. Prasadam is given to all and food is served.”


I hope to continue this tradition even when I start working. In my family we always look forward to December and the Pancha Ganapti Festival. This festival has brought our family very close together. Our heart felt thanks to Gurudeva for coming up with this festival.

Om Shanti,

Vegetarianism, Here Comes America

The monks are once more quietly woking on another issue of Hinduism Today. To most readers the magazine appears once every quarter like magic, a feast for the eyes and the mind. In the background, a tremendous amount of research happens, polishing and perfecting text and layout with a dedication that only those who work for love can have.

The next issue focuses on Bali, an enchanting place that will surprise even our most knowledgeable readers.

But the April issue also includes a small piece on a trend that is striding across America: that of quasi-vegetarians, the many who want to live a healthier live and have, correctly, understood that proper food is the only sound foundation for a long life. Somewhat unexpectedly, as if we were, as Gurudeva said, in “harmony with the universe,” this article from food critic Mark Bittman came in today, explaining how he decided to join the movement. It has a few good-looking recipes, too. Enjoy, and live healthier in 2012.

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