Hinduism Today October Issue – Kerala Chariots

The Hinduism Today October issue is another great release of the world renowned one-and-only for-all-Hindus publication. Here on TAKA we like to give a few sneak peaks.

This issue’s Global Dharma has a story about a truly incredible event that is not well known but happens in Kerala every year. It is a chariot festival to top all chariot festivals. Read about it in the coming issue.

Bodhinatha Arrived Safely in Chicago

After a bit of delay on the ground in Honolulu Bodhinatha’s and Shanmuganathaswami’s direct flight from Hawaii to Chicago arrived early this morning. Today Bodhinatha met with devotees in the area and tomorrow the team is off for a night flight to Trinidad.

Satguru Speaks Alert! Check the side bar for a link to Bodhinatha’s recent Sun One Upadesha in Kadavul.

Magical Coleus

Yogi Jothinatha cares for the gardens in the front of our property and has propagated a lot of Solenostemon plants, this popular ornamental is commonly known as “Coleus”.

This delicate herbacious perennial thrives in Hawaii as long as it gets enough water and is happiest in a slightly shaded area.

It is noted for the lovely colors of its’ leaves.

Mature plants throw up a delicate inflorescence stem with tiny blue flowers.

This design is fairly common, but the plant is self-hybridizing and cross-pollinating and new arrays of colors are constantly magically being born month after month as if some designer deva were having fun with a color palette making ever new coleus designs.

Green with a maroon center…

Rich purple with a bright violet center…

OK so, let’s mix it up now… bright green leaves with a maroon inner veins and put the violet center inside that!

Delicate cream interior on green…

Bodhinatha's Latest Upadesha

More profound signposts to help you find the Self.

Archives are now available through 2001. Light colored days have no posts. 1998-2001 coming later.

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