Monastery Twitter Updates for 2011-09-26

  • This morning our traveling swamis are in Toronto. They will hold a video with Dr James George, former High Commissioner of Canada to Ceylon. #
  • Dr. George was in Sri Lanka in the early 60s, knew Yogaswami well and considered Swami his guru. He has many great stories to tell! #
  • We just enjoyed the most wonderful satsang with Dr. James George in Toronto. Stay tuned for a report on TAKA. #
  • @meixellent Thank you very much! It is an original John Kuzich design from the work he did for us in the early 70s. #

  • Our traveling swamis visited the Krishna Mandir today, posing with Gandhi. Inside is a most amazing museum. #

  • Inside this exquisite Siva Nataraj in soap stone. #

  • One room is filled w/ home shrines, which swami examines. Our monks helped bring this from the Smithsonian. #

  • Back in Ohio, the curtain fell on the HMEC event with young volunteers coming forward to a standing ovation. #

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