Eschwey Family with Bodhinatha

This is Jai Ganesha (Peter Eschwey) with his wife Emily and daughters Ambika and Gauri from Oregon. Peter has visited Chidambaram temple in India and befriended the dikshitar priests there who know us. He gave his younger daughter her first solid food in Bodhinatha’s presence today.

Thondunatha Visits the Ganapati Kulam

Rishi Thondunathan came to visit the Ganapati Kulam today. He is doing wonderful work teaching Saiva Siddhanta throughout the Sri Lankan Tamil community. He shared his many projects with Sadasivanatha and said, “All that I am and all that I am doing is because of our Gurudeva.”

Marvels from the Big Island

Indefatigable transcriber of Gurudeva’s and Bodhinatha’s audio discourses, Hitesvara Saravan, sends this image from his garden on the Big Island of Hawaii. He writes:

“Here is a ‘Fuzzy’ Heliconia Regalis, Barnum and Bailey unfolding today in our Summa Iru Walking Meditation gardens.”

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