Family Visits The Monastery

Sivakatirswami's father, Luke Batdorf and two sisters, Carelle Dwyer (in pink) and Erika Batdorf (in blue) are visiting. The sisters have not seen their brother for 35 years. It's a big day for the family. Luke is a retired consultant in the cognitive processes of learning and cross cultural training and lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. Carelle is a registered nurse in New Hampshire. Erika is a theater artist and professor of dramatic arts at York University in Toronto, (see her site

9 Responses to “Family Visits The Monastery”

  1. adi sankara says:

    Aum. 35 years??? Can see this great joy ! Regards to all. Adi Sankara from Mauritius. Aum.

  2. Padmaja says:

    Jai Ganesha! Thank you for making this one Happy reunion possible! It is wonderful to witness this special moment. Aum.

  3. Chandrika Shanti says:

    Beautiful, beautiful people! What lovely pictures. Thank you for sharing them.

  4. Sarasvathi Iswarapatham says:

    Anbe Sivamayam! Congrats & thanks for the happiness that’s also felt by all who view this.

  5. Sankuthi says:

    Jai Ganesha!

    Wonderful family reunion and a joyous occasion! Hard to find words to describe the feelings one gets while viewing this. Thank you.

  6. Elizabeth Hood says:

    I see dear mother Thaya and sister Kaeta in your beaming faces; so blessed.

  7. Nalini says:


  8. Anjali says:

    Om Jai!! There is so much love and joy in each of these photos. Imagine not seeing your dear brother or sisters for 35 years! Many alohas to the Batdorfs.
    Love and Light,
    ~anjali in California

  9. Ravichandran Ceyon says:

    Aum Aum! Such a wonderful meeting! Amazing. TQ for this sharing! Aum Sivaya

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