Bodhinatha Signs Books For Visitors

After a very busy holiday season with a constant stream of Hindu pilgrims and tours, things are quieting down now. We are back to our weekly public tour routine and Bodhinatha is in his chair blessing and signing books for our guests.

One inspired guest decided to go "all in" and purchased Dancing, Living and Merging With Siva, The Guru Chronicles, What Is Hinduism, and a Mala!

After all the guests had come forward to have their books signed a few wanted to sit and asked Bodhinatha a few questions. Bodhinatha gave a spontaneous upadesh about the uniqueness of our Saiva tradition with a balance of temple worship and meditation. He then started giving insights into meditation on Siva as all pervasive that was golden and priceless. What a rare and magical gift to our fortunate guests and all of us sitting there.

The star of the tour was little Veda. She is six years old going on twenty five. Her maturity was only out played by her charm. She had her copies of Hindu Children's Modern Stories Volume One & Two personally signed by Bodhinatha.

There was only one little problem for Veda's mother. Veda would not leave until she had "conquered" the Iraivan Puzzle in the Mini Mela. This is a geometric match puzzle that has brought grown men to tears trying to solve it. After she solved it (and she was remarkably close), she smiled and walked elegantly out of the mini mela on her way to a very bright future

We couldn't get everyone in with our small camera but it was one of those special inner groups who took full advantage of the lingering vibration of the most remarkable Ardra Darshana Puja held three days earlier.

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