Monks at Work Today

Sadhaka Haranandinatha went for a stroll this morning, catching our monks at their seva here and there. Senthilnathaswami is working on an article for the April Hinduism Today special Bali issue. This article is about animal sacrifice. "It's not an easy article to write," he says. Sivakatirswami is reviewing the iPad app "British Library; Historical Collection" for the April issue of Hinduism Today Arumuganathaswami holds a preliminary, editing copy of Growing Up Hindu, Book One of a series called Modern Stories for Hindu Youth. Santosh and Karuna Krinsky owners of New Leaf Distributors are here today.
Brahmachari Jaya is shrink-wrapping a variety pack of incense for the Minimela. Sadhaka Mayurnatha also using our laser etcher to creating wooden signs for the mini mela.

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  1. Chandrika Shanti says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful look into your daily activities. I look forward to buying some incense and wooden signs from the Minimela.

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