On Saturday we had a special tour for a wonderful group of probably 75-100 bright souls, brought to the monastery by Laurie Reyon of California (http://www.lauriereyon.com).  As the group's interests include the akashic record, ancient Lemuria, crystals and the essential divine unity of all existence, Yogi Jothinatha gave an enthusiastically received talk on Lemurian Scrolls, the book that Gurudeva read from the akashic record in the early 1970s.  Laurie stood up at one point, almost in tears of joy, to share her delight at findlng this confirmation and elaboration of her own inner experiences.  Although the rains had been torrential, they let up after Yogi's talk and we had good weather throughout our tour out to Iraivan Temple.  Many came into the MiniMela afterwards to buy books and crystals.  Satguru Bodhinatha is presently in Texas, but Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami graciously signed their books and spoke with each who approached.

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