Bodhinatha Visits the Dallas Fortworth Hindu Temple

On Wednesday night, the full moon in the month of Phalguna, Bodhinatha was invited to attend the Holika bonfire and give a talk at the Dallas Fortworth Hindu Temple, the original temple in the area, right in the middle of the metroplex. This now large temple has extensive facilities, including classrooms, halls, yajnashalas, apartments for six priests and their families, living facilities for the elderly, and more. Hundreds come for darshan in the multi-Deity temple every day, and 800 children attend classes each weekend, using their custom curriculum in Hinduism and many Indian languages. This temple, dubbed the "Ekta Mandir," is also referred to as the "Mother Temple" because it sends a delegation to every new temple group that starts up anywhere in the metroplex, offering guidance, assistance and a healthy donation to get them started.

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