Meeting with Canada's Maintenance Assistant Company


Yoginathaswami adopted a new enterprise maintenance software system severals ago for his Siddhidata Kulam team. On this visit to Toronto he had the opportunity to meet the people behind this great tool.

“Monday morning we when to a Toronto based software firm--Maintenance Assistant. Our Siddhidata Kulam upgraded its Aadheenam computerized maintenance management to this Cloud based maintenance software about two years ago. The software is used to schedule maintenance and routines to keep up the entire facility properly maintained. It was Gurudeva wish and direction in 1998 that the Siddhidata Kulam maintain the Aadheenam facilities with scheduled routine and a preventive maintenance program. Since then we have tried several different software frameworks, including a homemade application. We found Maintenance Assistant couple years ago and now it has become an indespensable part of our aadheenam maintenance program.

Above is the team (CEO and software engineers) that is behind the software. We are very fortunate to pick this software as it is backed by very reliable support! We had a great discussion and an extremely productive meeting.



Screenshot of the software login page for the Siddhidata Kulam. All the monks are also capable of submitting requests if they have notice something broken or about to break.


The main graphic user interface after the login page. The database is accessible with any mobile device that has a web browser. We have couple iPads in the SK which we use for executing the tasks generated--hence we are pretty much paperless!

The company also enjoyed our visit and had a some interesting thing to say on their blog… click here to read their post about work with monks in Hawaii

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  1. Jutikadevi says:

    This is an excellent resource.

    Thank you for sharing.

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