Bodhinatha Visits Toronto Sri Ram Mandir

A couple years ago Pundit Sharma invited Bodhinatha to visit his temple in Canada. Finally, Bodhinatha was able to fulfill his request. Upon arrival, Bodhinatha was formally greeted and you can see he is seated on a very majestic asana! The day happened to be their Hanuman Puja day. Bodhinatha gave a wonderful talk on Hanuman as a examplary bhaktar or devotee regardless what denomination of Hindu we are. He also elaborated the importance of temple worship. In conclusion, Bodhinatha suggested to the assembled devotees that we should always visit a temple with an offering. By giving we are opening the channels to receive the blessings. He added, one way to extend the temple vibration and bring the devas to your home is to light a lamp in your home shrine immedietely upon returning home. His talk was well received by all attended.

The Ram Temple is actively teaching the next generation of Hindus--both religion and culture.

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