Bodhinatha Visits Hindu-Jain Temple

This is a very unique temple because it shrines Siva Lingam and the murti of Sri Mahavira. The temple also has shrines several other deities following the North Indian Smarta tradition. You can read about the temple's history on their website

Twenty-five years ago they invited Gurudeva for the installation of the temple. Now Bodhinatha gave his talk on the Silver Jublee of that auspicious event. We went for the morning Rudra Abhishekam with Sri Rudram chanting--beautifully done by the three Pundits, bhajans, then Bodhinatha's talk. The morning ceremony at the temple concluded with Bodhinatha giving rudraksha gift to a group of the temple devotees who successfully completed the Kailas Yatra recently and the puja sponsors. Som Sharma and others did a wonderful job oganizing the whole event and took care of us with extreme devotion and love! Thank you!

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