Go Mataji Goes to Iraivan


Go Mata, (cow mother) Teji Deepti is a rambunctious young lady, fairly active grandmother. She found a break in the fence line of the pasture and went for a walk to Iraivan, enjoying sweet Ti plants and other marvelous things planted by the monks along the way

Food is foremost on her mind and a bucket of tasty alfalfa is all you need to prod her to follow you all the way back to her proper paddock.

[rambunctious |ram?b? ng k sh ?s|

adjective informal

uncontrollably exuberant; boisterous.]

7 Responses to “Go Mataji Goes to Iraivan”

  1. Anjali says:

    OM OM Sweet Amma!

  2. Chandrika Shanti says:

    Looking for her baby? She’s Beautiful!

  3. Sarasvathi Iswarapatham says:

    Ko Matha could be looking for Multivitamins to provide ample & better quality milk to nourish Leili & our tireless monks.

  4. Amma Anne Deer says:

    Her “little one” probably “told” her (with a “picture”) where to go. Bear swim across the Sound from the Olympic Mountains in the West to my Island, they munch berries and proceed East across the Island, hop into the Sound and continue to swim East to the Cascade Mountain Range to visit relatives and find a girlfriend. Their moms “tell” them with a “picture”, swim towards the “Great White Mountain!” The planet is covered in “Ancient Paths” and the animals remember.

  5. nalini says:

    LOL!!! That’s my Girl!!! heeheeeheheee

  6. Chandrika Shanti says:

    Thanks for the update. She looks like the “Spokesperson” for the “Cows of Kadavul and Iraivan Temples Endowment.

  7. Jutikadevi says:

    Jai Gomata,

    Namo devyai Maha devyai,

    Surabyai cha namo nama.

    Gavam Bheeja swaroopaya ,

    Namasthe Jagad Ambike.

    Salutations to the mother of the world,

    Who lives as a seed in all cows,

    Salutations to that goddess,

    Who is a great goddess,

    And who is the wish yielding cow.

    Namo radha priyayai cha

    Padmamsaya namo nama,

    Nama Krishna priyayai cha

    Gavam mathre namo nama.

    Salutations to the pet of Radha,

    Salutations to the essence of lotus,

    Salutations to the daring of Krishna,

    Salutations to the mother of all cows.

    Kalpa vruksha swaroopayai ,

    Sarvesham sathatham pare,

    Ksheeradayai , dhanadayai,

    Budhidayai namo nama. 3

    Salutations to her who gives milk,

    Riches and intelligence,

    Who is the form of wish giving tree,

    And Who is greater than everything.

    Shubhayai subhadarayai

    gopradhayai namo nama

    Yasodhayai kerthidhayai ,

    Dharmadhayai namo nama. 4

    Salutations to her who gives good,

    Who takes care of us,

    And who gives us cows.

    Salutations to her who blesses us with Dharma,

    And Who gives us fame and victory..

    Stotra shravana mathrena,

    Dushta, hrushta jagatprasu,

    Mahendraya varam dhatwa,

    Go lokam saa yayaou puna.

    As soon as she who destroys bad ones,

    Heard this prayer of the king of devas,

    She gave him all boons,

    And went to the abode of cows.

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