Gajanan Serving in the Pillaiyar Kulam

Here is Gajanan Nataraj, our dynamic and cheerful taskforcer from Saint Lucia in the Caribbean. He’s been serving in the Pillaiyar Kulam of late--the team that manages our monastery’s Minimela Gift Shop. The Minimela enterprise was initiated by Gurudeva himself in 1983 in San Franscisco. His goal was to make sure that the precious items and supplies that devotees needed in their homes for religious life would always be available.

A huge order of devotional artifacts recently arrived from India and Gajanan spent several days pricing thousands of the new items that then immediately find their way to the store’s shelves. You can check out the beautiful offerings at Note the little Nataraj in the background, Gajanan’s namesake. He says that Nataraj statues have a way of appearing spontaneously in the background of photos of himself.

2 Responses to “Gajanan Serving in the Pillaiyar Kulam”

  1. Toshadevi Nataraja says:

    Jai Ganesa!! What a bright and happy smiling face Gajanan. How wonderful to be a part of the world of our Dear Monks and Satguru. Please keep up the good work and never stop giving your best in all that you do. May you continue to be close with.. and develop a strong bond to Lord Nataraja.May He bless you always and keep you strong and focused. Aum

  2. tenaliram says:

    Amazing! Har Har! I just read about Shri Gajanan Nataraj article on Hindu roots of people of St. Lucia. Two years back for the first time I had come to know about the Shakts/Shaivyas of Kauai. I am humbled and at the time amazed and joyous to know how the ancient Sri Lankan Shaviyism is thriving in far off Haiwian islands carrying on great ancient knowledge and quest. LIkewise indeed about Shri Gajananji’s quest and recognition of one’s own roots. You guys are just splendid and laudable and indeed you all are great and true followers of great Mahadev! Har Har Mahadev! Om Namah Shivay!

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