Bodhinatha's California Retreat, Day 1

Bodhinatha's first day at the Santa Cruz retreat. It is quite and intensive program. Over the course of two and a half days, Bodhinatha will give 8 sessions:

#1 -- The Focus of Hinduism: what exactly are we striving to accomplish
#2 -- Integrating Spiritual Advancement into Work: an A,B,C,D,E approach
#3 -- Character Building: fifty-two character qualities and how to strengthen them
#4 -- Shum Study: understanding and experiencing awareness; thinking about versus actually experiencing. keeping it in the present.
#5 -- Prana: understanding it and learning to direct it through the physical body.
#6 -- Affectionate Detachment: what is it and how can negative attachments be released.
#7 -- An Exercise in Spiritual Identity: Soul Controls Instincts, Intellect and Ego
#8 -- The Guru Chronicles: Stories and teachings

Yoginathaswami is also giving two presentations on the significance of Siva puja

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