Iraivan Update: High Tech Method for Setting Patterns Onto Stone

The last ornamental work for the beams of the Nandi Mandapam (uttataram) can been seen. We have modified the traditional marking style. Earlier the sthapati would draw each anna pakchai (pigeon like decorative bird). It was a very time consuming job and it will not be very accurate. Now my son, Thurai, using his skills from the Art college draws them on the Apple computer using Illustrator and ensures the width and length is uniform. This is very important because you cannot end up with half of a decorative bird at the end of the beam in the corner. He photo copies duplicates of them and pastes onto the stone in place where they are to be carved by hand.

One Response to “Iraivan Update: High Tech Method for Setting Patterns Onto Stone”

  1. Debora Murbach says:

    Anyone who has ever tried to carve any kind of stone, even limestone or molding ceramics knows how astonishing these carvings are! Congratulations to all the artists, first and second generation, with old and new technologies working together!

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