Dakshinamurthi Pavilion in Mauritius is Complete


At our Mauritius center, the beautiful huge image of Dakshinamurthi has been given a new roof and tiled area to create a lovely outdoor pavilion.

Parmesh says, “The pavilion tile work is completed and the hand railings already painted. Now the contractor will proceed with the stoned footpath and together with other karma yogis, we will plant some nice border plants around the stoned footpath and ensure that the konrai trees grow around very well to place Dakshinamurthi with the elements of nature.”


Thatch roof

2 Responses to “Dakshinamurthi Pavilion in Mauritius is Complete”

  1. adi sankara says:


    Wonderful task. Very beautiful.


  2. Anjali says:

    This is an absolutely lovely shrine! I can’t wait for a chance to see it “live”!! OM Namah Sivaya!

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