Pilgrims and Guests from Around the World

August is one of the busiest months of the year for Kauai Aadheenam as universities are on break and we are filled and thrilled with visitors.

Ragade Family: Though they only very recently came to know of our monastery and its work, Mr. and Mrs. Ragade are already Master Course students, frequent pilgrims, dedicated devotees and generous supporters of Hinduism Today through donations to the Production Fund http://www.hheonline.org/funds/fund_20.html. As donors to that fund, they will be featured on page 13 of our upcoming January-February-March 2013 issue. Dr. Namrata works only part-time to be able to spend more time with her daughters.

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  1. Padmaja says:

    So wonderful to see Ragade family again on Kauai. Young professionals, adopting Gurudeva’s teachings into their life while their daughters are young, their timing is just perfect. It is a beautiful journey, Namrata. (Please post the photo of the entire family!) Aum.

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